Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well not much to say here that isn't already being said elsewhere (or made up by Fox News) on what happened down south. The aspect of all of this that's bumming me out the most is that most of the damage wasn't done by Katrina directly, it's all of the run-off and extra water that's been left behind that's tearing up levees and whatnot...

Granted, I think calling what's happening our version of that tsunami is a bit much, but it certainly is a great tragedy in a lot of ways. Sure, everything will be re-built, but it's the fact that most of nawlins was old and about to fall over that gave it a lot of its charm.

I just wish everyone that's lost their place to live safety and peace during this upcoming tumultuous timeframe. Oh, and all those people that are looting already? I think we need to see some Darwin award winners out of those people.

Site Note: If anyone's reading this that knows Jake (Tevren from old school Tunare EQ) and knows if he's okay or not (since he lives in nawlins) let me know.


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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I failed my save vs. cute...

So yeah... I'll admit it. I picked up a copy of Nintendogs. This copy to be exact.

Yes... I seriously failed my save.

So I've got an adorable beagle named George now. His sister Gracie will be around as soon as the Hobbit gets her copy of the game.

Very cool game. I'm seriously impressed with how well it turned out.

Btw, George is uber at the agility competitions. He can SO kick your dog's arse.


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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Test Flickr Post

A Picture Share!
Originally uploaded by SpykeWookiee.

Test post of moblog via email through flickr functionality.

So far, so good.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Google Ads

So I've been playing around with google ads for the site. No wonder they are doing so well, it's relatively painless to set up and modify as needed. I've finally got them set up to actually mesh with the colors of th site (as opposed to standing out like REALLY sore thumbs).

So as you peruse the site, feel free to click any ads that might strike your fancy (altho, I'm not specifically asking you to go and click various ads each day as that'd make me a bad person or something... but if you I certainly won't tell /wink). I'm doing this as an experiment to see what might come of it.

It certainly won't hurt. =)

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Xbox 360 Pricing

So the news is out. To not buy the gimped out "it doesn't come with really anything" version of the Xbox 360 it will set you back about four hundred smackers before tax.

Needless to say that the reaction to this seems to be ranging all over the board, but with the needle heavily into the "they might as well have told me to hand over a kidney" range.

I don't get this reaction at all... But this is the "logic" of the internet I guess.

I mean, if $399 is too much. Don't buy it right away and wait for it to price drop after 6 months or so. But if that's too much to ask for as you'll be feeling like less of a person by not having it day one, then you've got plenty of time to start saving up.

Thing is, I also am someone that likes playing games on my computer. So looking at a $400 price tag for a fairly complete gaming solution seems like quite the bargain for me. I mean, if you're building a PC you could easily spend $400, or more, on one of the "top of the line" graphics cards... And that's just one part of the whole.

So I just see it as economy of scale there... $400... Graphics card... or fully functional console system.

Four hundred smackers doesn't seem so bad to me when you look at it that way.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Owned by Mom

So this post will be making the rounds today. Here's my effort in helping it.

Note to any younger gankers out there that still live with your parents (or some not so young gankers too, I guess).

Don't post on the same boards that your mom is reading!

I'm sure this is something that's going to happen more and more often as time goes on. Mostly due to the fact that those people that play games like this start to spawn eventually, and what better way to do something fun and exciting with your kid but play in the same game? I've read plenty of stories/emails about couples and familes that play MMO's/Games together. It's sorta the modern version of "let's sit around the TV and watch something together."

Instead now it's... "let's all get on our computers and gank something together... " Ahhh... The family that ganks together stays together?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Linux and Windows on the PSP


This makes me wonder just how much money spent on doing things with the PSP to make it a closed system... making sure it didn't have a video out... instead of, I dunno... Actually making games for it? Or even better yet, allowing people to mod the crap out of it to do cool things?

But that'd be too forward thinking, I'd guess. So instead they wast^H^H^H^Hspend all that money and people still manage to do what they want with it.

Ahhhhh... I love it. =)

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Decent price on PSP memory stick

Looks like the issue of not having enough 1GB memory stick duo pros on the market is starting to go away. Best Buy just put up the SanDisk "gamer" 1GB for $85 just recently (add it to your cart for the lower price). I'd highly recommend this for anyone that owns a PSP and likes ripping movies to it, etc. Plus it's YELLOW... can't beat that... Cause gamers have to have wacky colors for all of their accessories... Cause we smoke crack!

... or something.

Oh, and there's a $10 mail in rebate, as wel, if you're not lazy like me. =)

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Face Melting 101

This is probably the single best thread that I've ever read on an MMO's message board.

It's also the only thread that I've ever seen that managed to stay on one topic for 50 pages!

Frelling hilarious stuff...

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Logitech® G15 Gaming Keyboard

Whenever a company makes a piece of hardware designed to be specifically for gaming... I always cringe inside. Why? Because they normally all really end up sucking. Anyone remember the Orb 3-D?

And yes... I do have one still in it's box. I like collecting weird things like that. I picked it up for all of $2 I think. I digress...

But... The latest entry into the foray of gaming hardware is from Logitech. Presenting the G15!

Unlike previous gaming devices that try to change the form factor of whatever it is they are trying to replace, the G15 "simply" is a keyboard with a bunch of extra crap thrown on top of it. The extra "G Keys" (their quotes, not mine for once) are nice if you actually spend the time to program them with the macros you want. Which is funny, since most MMO's don't allow for macroing yet they *specifically* mention an MMO as a use for their macro keys. Heh. But for other games I can easily see uses for the G keys. I remember back when I was playing Quake I think I had a macro/script under almost every key. One to change my viewing FoV, etc, etc.

Also comes with an LDC panel. I can see this having use. Not in an FPS, though (which is their example). I mean, if I need to see what my ammo is in the FPS I'm actually trying to NOT DIE IN... I'll just look at the screen... Not down at my keyboard. But I'm sure someone can come up with a valid reason to have an LCD on their keyboard that they can then program to show additional information that the UI of their game doesn't show... No really... Who'd try to mod the UI to show useful information when your keyboard can show it instead!


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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

AVeL LinkPlayer

I'm in love... This is an awesome little piece of hardware. Basically it's a DVD player that plays pretty much any video format directly off of DVD. But that's not the really cool part.

The really cool part is that it also has network connectivity so that it plays pretty much any video format off your PC (or whatever PC you install their AVeL Server software) as well as static graphics files, as well as audio files.

Yeah, I know that there are home brewed MPC options out there and whatnot... But it's great to see a fully developed commercial option that's not too expensive ($250 isn't bad at all for what you're getting)... and also really straight forward in its use.

Now I just need to deal with the temptation to not buy one. I don't need one THAT bad... at least not until I get my NAS set up... THEN I will.

Oh yeah, they also sell the Infrant ReadyNAS barebones for the cheapest I've seen anywhere (granted I havn't really looked THAT hard yet). So that's certainly an option.

Mmmm.... The temptation mounts!


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Monday, August 01, 2005

Wi-Fi Toys

Okay, this is pretty damn impressive:

Wi-Fi Toys

Basically the same team that got the 55.1 mile Wi-Fi World Record last year not only beat it, but totally smashed it by making it 125 miles this year.

That's a 125 mile 11mbit connection that lasted like 3 hours. 12ms ping time and everything. That's just simply crazy. Granted this would only really work in situations where you had a pretty flat and clear line of site to something 125 miles away... But that's still a network connection to someplace that's about 2 hours away by car.

Simply amazing. Conga guys! You certainly deserve the record.

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